Wednesday, February 10, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Brandt's Boulevard Sew Along and Valentine Fun!

I feel like a horrible host, I haven't even started my own Brandt's Boulevard!!  The good news is that the last one I made took about 4 hours (not counting interruptions from kids and the dog...)  so I'm hopeful that the upcoming holiday weekend will be enough time to get caught up and maybe even a little ahead!!  I decided to see if I can make the wallet only using fat quarters of fabric, so I dove into my stash of adorable fabrics and came up with these!  I hope I can find someone that loves cats and needs a new wallet when I finish... ;)  (Sorry for the dark pics, it's just too much effort to set up a light box for fabric tonight!)
Fabric is more grey in person

For those of you staying on track, you should be doing steps 3 and 4 by Friday!  You'll be making the tab and wrist strap!
Inside fabrics, not sure how many I'll need yet!
I was going to try using some Japanese cat fabric that has gold foil, but I realized I don't have any gold hardware!!  Time to place an order at Emmaline Bags...and pick up more of the oval handles and metal trim!

One of the many things slowing me down on the sew along is Valentine's Day!  I decided that this year I'd be a good Mom and actually MAKE something for them to give to their classmates.  Just simple pencil toppers, but so far I have 24 done...and 33 left to make before Thursday!

Hey Valentine, can I eat your heart?  At least he's happy about it...
The treat bags are starting to take over my area...can't wait until this is done and I can iron again! You know how I LOVE to iron...sorry, had to catch my breath from laughing too hard.  ;)  I can iron and fuse fabric, but I believe wrinkles in clothing add character.  My poor kids...  :p
Good thing the iron isn't on!  and I'll find my ironing board soon...I hope!
The other thing taking up my time is the concealed carry Rosie!  I'm almost ready to sew her together, just need to cut a little more interfacing and iron!  (which is why I need to clear off the ironing board...)
This fabric is so pretty!
Update time!



Rosie Concealed Carry Purse - this WILL be done this weekend!

Brandt's Boulevard - Time to get caught up

Crayon Rolls - yeah...I really need to finish these...but no hurry so they are getting moved down on the list

Flannel Eater blanket - Needs squared up and cut, then binding! - Making my goal for this week to at least square it up - hmm, that goal didn't get met...

Sedimental Quilt- all quilted, just needs squared up and binding!

Finish the Owl Epiphany purse - it just needs top-stitching and the handles attached - and she's still on the shelf...

Attach handle to Chloe's Court Clutch before Friday so she can join us at the craft show! - Didn't happen because I had the wrong connectors!  Oops!


Mermaid lovey - Sea blanket is done, started on the head!  Only 6 more months and she'll be done (I wish I was joking, but that is a realistic estimate given my lovey track record...)

NIL (Next in Line)

Matching Pick a Pocket wallet to go with the concealed carry Rosie
Harry Potter tote purse
Tulip pouches (from this free pattern!!)
January Bag of the Month (Backgammon Bag) - Either in some Effervescence fabric or maybe the Zelda stained glass fabric
February Bag of the Month (Window Shopper) - nice big tote with great features!  Might need to use my Tula Pink Tigers or maybe some of the other big print fabrics I have.
Princess Lovey - she just needs hair and her head attached!
Cowl (1 a month goal!)
Embroidered pillow covers
Quilted pillow covers - Sasquatch fabric is ready to go, just need some spare time!


  1. Heheehee sound as bad as me. I also haven't started my Brandts B because my table hasn't a square inch on it. I am in the middle of a big order that HAS to be done by a deadline. Am hoping Ill has some time this weekend ...good luck LOL ps like your blog a lot

    1. It's great to have orders, but sometimes I miss sewing only what I want...but some of the combos my customers come up with are some I'd never try on my own and I end up loving them! I hope you get a chance to sew your Brandt's with us, if not, you can always share it in the group at any time! And thanks!!


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