Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Turn Back Time Tuesday - Pokeballs

I haven't had good daylight to get pictures of my latest purse, so instead I was skimming though my camera and came across these...Party favor's from my son's Pokemon themed Party back in January.  I got the embroidery file here, from Show Me Bowtique, and like the insane person I am, decided to make them for everyone.  I think I ended up making 12?  I lost track and sent them home with kids, but I've found a few around our house lately.  And the dog really loves his Pikachu...but I'm expecting to find the carcass any day now because he feels that stuffing belongs all over the stairs and not inside his toys...so it is a true test of the strength of the stitching!

A few of the finished ones, also had a Charmander
These are good sized!  And don't hurt that much unless you overstuff and throw really hard...

I used fleece from Joann's (on sale!) and water soluble stabilizer on top to keep the stitches from sinking in.  I also went a little crazy and decided to do them 3 at a time.  For some that worked great, but for others, like the pokeball...not so great.  I see now that she has new ones for all the balls, I might have to try again on those since my kids were asking for the 'other' balls.  They are done in 2 hoopings, so you can actually do them with minimal hand sewing!  Or if you are confident in your sewing skills (or running out of time), sew them on the machine while running the fronts for another batch on the embroidery machine
This was my worst one...I had to sew the fleece together to get the stripe and then since I was trying to do 3 at once and didn't have them pinned or anything, it stretched.  Moral of the story - don't leave fleece free to do what it wants.

I was able to find him a Pokemon cake image at least...but I'm sure now they will be much easier to find if he decides he wants another party with the same theme...

And just because he's adorable, Business Pikachu (from Build a Bear) is off to work...

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