Monday, September 19, 2016

Springs Creative Ambassador! Freesia Fold-Over Bag by Blue Calla, In Mary Fons Small Wonders

The fabric from this line is so amazing that I had a hard time picking which fabrics to use!  Almost as hard was deciding what purse I wanted to make!  I debated FOREVER on which pattern to use, and finally decided that I needed to get a new one, the Freesia Fold-Over by Blue Calla.  It has a unique design and is a fast sew, but I think it still has a TON of style, which is what this fabric needed!
I really do love this picture!

The purse is even roomier than I expected, and if you need to carry a ton of extra stuff, it almost doubles in size when you leave it unsnapped!  Everything zips shut, so it's very secure.  It's hard to get a feel for the size of a purse from pictures (at least for me!) and this one looks more like a clutch size, but it's about medium handbag sized, with a clutch look.  
Fully opened up, there is a hidden magnet that holds it down when you don't have it shoved full of stuff. 
The outside is the Kimono Stripe fabric from Mary Fons, and the inside is the Let's Take a Stroll.  The pocket and zipper pocket lining are Strike a Pose, which is cute little figures.
All that room inside!  and a slip pocket way down there!
I did have some issues lining up my bottom panels on the vinyl parts, but after ripping them out, I was able to get them much closer.  My hint for that step is to pin RIGHT next to the jump from fabric to vinyl on the fabric side, and use a wonder clip on the vinyl side.  This was my first time using marine vinyl on a purse, and I have to say that my Janome went through the 4 layers of vinyl and fabric/interfacing spots very nicely!  The marine vinyl is actually thicker than the glitter vinyl I've been using on purses, so I was really wondering how it would work!
Back side has a zipper pocket
There aren't a lot of pockets to this purse, but the style and shape don't really need a lot.  Without the magnet snapped shut, you could definitely fit a water bottle and a book in there, not to mention just about anything else you wanted to throw in!  This will definitely be made again!

The fabric is available only to independent retailers (think local quilt shops, not big store chains!) and you need to see it in person to appreciate how nice it feels and how pretty it is! 

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