Monday, December 12, 2016

Emma Sew Along, Final Stretch!

This was a quick sew along, so I hope everyone had a chance to at least get started!  There are only 2 more days for it, but you are of course welcome to make and post your creations at any time in the ChrisW Designs Facebook page!  We'd love to see them!

Black fabric with purple ruffle side

Purple fabric with black ruffle side
I finished up the My Little Pony one, and it's already on the way to a pony-loving little girl!  No changes at all to the pattern, other than my single color strap!  I did find some pink magnets in my stash (you never know what I have's like Christmas when I find stuff I forgot I bought!) and used them for the closure.

The customer wanted 2 different MLP fabrics on the outside, and a 3rd on the inside which is a fun way to show off as much Pony love as possible!
Slip pocket side
Zipper pocket side
I have a vague idea for the future using some MLP lining and embroidery on the flap version of the Emma...for a more sophisticated looking Pony purse... how cute would that be??

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