Sunday, December 4, 2016

Emma Sew Along - Time to start sewing! (Part 2)

Here's the second post for our Emma Sew Along!  Feel free to join whenever, it is a super fast sew, and an adorable purse to make!

My mix of pins and clips...just because that's what I happened to grab!  I usually like pins for this, so that I don't have to unclip when I'm sewing and risk it moving.

Back at it:  If you haven't done it yet, fuse all the stabilizers according to the instructions.  Then we get to start sewing!

Instructions for the single color handle: fuse it to the interfacing, then fold it in half, wrong sides together, and iron.

Open the strap back up and fold the edges in to the center crease line (wrong sides touching), then iron again,

Fold the strap in half so that the raw edges are totally inside the strap, then topstitch along each long edge, 1/4" - 1/8" from the edge.  Set aside.

Now go back to following the instructions, starting with the ruffle if you are doing that, or the flap. If you have any questions, be sure to join the group on FaceBook!  We have lots of members that can help!

The trickiest part of the sewing (in my opinion) is the second set of top-stitching on the gusset.  I have to really work it and take my time to get the little purse to feed in.  I turn it inside out, so my top thread is the 'good' side and pretty much wrestle it into submission.  The good news is that this is a small purse, so it's only a little bit of wrestling!

Once the outside is done, you can take a little break, or just power on through!

Lilac zipper tape I found on etsy!  Shipped from overseas, but a great deal!
I like to use zipper tape now for my purses, it's usually a lot cheaper than buying individual zippers, and it's starting to come in lots of pretty colors!  If you are going to use the zipper tape, my suggestion is to either put the pull on before your cut, OR cut the zipper bigger so that when you add on the zipper pull you have some wiggle room.  There are videos on YouTube that are very helpful for putting the zipper on, but usually I just cut a few teeth out of one side and go from there.  This time I actually put the pull on backward because it seemed like my zipper teeth were directional, and that was the easiest way!
My little nip out of one side, it's about 2 or 3 teeth
I can't wait to see everyone's progress and finished projects!


  1. Cool blog. And since I am going the single color strap route, was delighted to see your comments.


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