Monday, April 11, 2016

Serendipity Hip Sew Along - Steps 6 and 7

Now we're getting to the good parts!  By now you should have your straps and tabs done and set aside, and are ready to see it start looking like a purse!  We'll be working on the outside this week, getting the front zipper pocket made, the cell phone pocket attached, and the outsides attached to the bottom bands!

Remember, if you have a larger cell phone, in step 7 you might want to put the pocket in sideways.  If you do, then you'll topstitch along one long edge, instead of the short edge.  You still may want to tuck it against the bottom panel, for a little more security.  Or if you are like me and somehow seem to always have your phone in your back pocket (I'm amazed I haven't bent or broken it since I sit on it so often!) that pocket could be handy for sticking your car keys in while shopping, or other little things!  My phone pockets seem to hold lip balm and packs of gum most often now...

Several people in the group are already finished and giving the rest of us inspiration to get it done!  I got distracted this weekend with the Bag of the Month Club April purse and instead of getting caught up, I decided to sneak in another purse...  But now I'm contemplating doing another Serendipity Hip in the awesome Alison Glass fabrics!  I need to stay on target and finish one first...but oooh, pretty fabric!  Anyone else get distracted thinking of the next one they are going to make before they finish the first one?


  1. Wow! I am right on schedule. But I need to move faster because of other things I need to sew.

    1. Great! I'm sure you'll pick up speed and get ahead soon, It feels like this purse comes together pretty fast once you start sewing. :)


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