Monday, April 25, 2016

Totes Ma Tote by Emmaline Bags

I recently participated in a tote bag swap.  Actually the swap was crochet, but I knew right away I wouldn't finish a crochet bag in 3 weeks (I'm not a speed hooker!) and I cleared it with the people involved so I could just do a sewn bag instead.  As it was, I pushed it past the deadline because I always underestimate how long things will take.  And always overestimate how much free time I'll actually have where I'm motivated to do stuff.  (Library books need to be read!  You can only renew them like 6 times before they start charging you...and sometimes I do need sleep!)
Eden Moth (butterfly?) ended up perfectly centered on one side without me really trying...but not on the other side.

Anyway, it was a good excuse to get the Totes Ma Tote pattern (and it was on sale then so bonus!) and try it out.  The pattern is actually pretty fast, if you read the instructions and don't try to sew with a cold starting and a headache fog going on...Jack the seam ripper was my BFF for this one because I kept trying to predict how it would go together, instead of reading the actual pattern.  Yeah...not a good idea....
Recessed zipper top!
The tote ended up pretty cute, and since the request was for "Summery and medium sized" I think this is a good fit.  I hope she likes it!  Also, finally got to use my orange zippers!

These grommets from Emmaline bag are super pretty, and dangerous...the screwdriver attacked me when I was installing them!
Changes I made to the pattern - Only did one set of grommets and changed to an adjustable strap.  Left off the side accents (we were having 'issues').  Used an awesome Emmaline Bags zipper end bling instead of a sewn tab.  (I LOVE THEM!)

I think the next time I'll add on some outside pockets.  It's great for showing off the fabric (Eden by Tula Pink!) but I feel like it needs MORE POCKETS!!  The inside has plenty of pockets at least!  And 3 different styles at that, so even more fun!
Zipper pocket and slip pockets
Slip pocket on the other side, with magnetic closure!

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  1. What a great job despite not feeling well. It turned out beautifully!!


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