Monday, June 13, 2016

Tote Purse - Perfect Little Gift

I could have sworn that I made a post about this purse already, but this is a VERY basic pattern I came up with for a last minute gift, and it's great sized for elementary aged kids.  Nothing super fancy to it, but it does show off some fun fabrics and neat snaps!  I'll try to make a tutorial for it, eventually, but until I have a free minute and make another one (so I can get in-progress pics), here's a look at the three I've already made.
The one that started it...and I didn't have time to get nicer pics since it was last minute!
Second one, with fox print lining and golden Snitch snap

Sugar Skull droids and Vader

Back shows off the main fabric, some awesome Harry Potter I snatched up when I saw it at Joann's!
The first one was a birthday gift for a 9 year old girl that loves Harry Potter.  The second was a copy of the first, after a customer saw it and knew it would be perfect for her daughter, with some cute fox fabric for the lining. The third was for the sister of the second, but she loves Darth Vader so I cut into my stash of the sugar skull fabric.  (I'm under 5 yards now!!)
Simple interior with a fun fabric!
Since I was going for 'last minute gift' on the first, there was minimal details and 'fanciness' added in.  I feel like it's the fabric that makes it special since I didn't do all the usual crazy stuff (tons of pockets, bag bling, etc)
This fabric is so cool!
Vader has a snap of himself for a soul patch
Interior is some awesome Star Wars fabric from my stash
Now I have an order for an identical Vader maybe I should try to whip up a few of these in my stash of awesome fabrics for craft shows!

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