Monday, June 6, 2016

Yarnit! or, Things That Make My Life Easier

I'm a sucker for new crafting tools that will 'help' me be faster or better...and the Yarnit is one that is actually doing that!
Late night pic, sorry!

I saw it on a FaceBook ad, then did a little digging to find out more about the Yarnit (love the name!).  I finally gave in and ordered one with some Christmas money I was stashing.  When it came, I had gotten the wrong color bottom, but one email later had the correct one in the mail to me, and no hassles at all.  It's a small company, all US based, so I appreciate being able to support another small business!

The Yarnit I got was the Stashless Cooper (no mustache sticker, but with a purple bottom and clear top so I can see true yarn color and have my fun purple part still).  It is very sturdy, not that I've dropped it or anything (only on carpet so far)...  I also got the 'bases loaded' which has a tiny pair of scissors, stitch markers, and darning needle that all fit perfectly inside!

I like how you can easily take off the top, but the little plug makes it securely close so you don't have to worry about runaway yarn.  If you ball your yarn, this is a serious concern... now that I have a yarn winder, it does center pull, but even that gets a little bit of wanderlust and will fall off the couch every so often...or the outside will start loosening up.

My only complaint about the Yarnit is that it's too small.  I can fit a skein of baby yarn inside (after it was balled up), or some of my 'smaller' balls but not a giant one.  Which still works out since it seems like the little ones are more expensive and I want to protect them more anyway!  I was able to make a baby hat with light yarn and no extra 'bits' got added in from the yarn sitting beside me on the couch, or rolling away at Starbucks during yarn group, or becoming a pillow for the dog...or picking up my hair that seems to attach itself to my projects.  (There really is a part of me in every project!)

Side view with the locking plug.  A choking hazard, but it stays in until you pull it out!
I think the small size is a common 'complaint' because right now they have a kickstarter up for the Big Sully (affiliated kickstarter link) - which is a bigger version with more features! I already signed up for my own when they come out, and I can't wait to see it!  It will hold either 2 separate skeins, or one giant one, so it sounds perfect! I'm anxious to try it with bulky yarn and see if I can finally go from the outside without having to stop every few stitches to unwind.

(This isn't a paid or compensated review, I just love this product! but if they want to compensate me...I wouldn't say no to another Yarnit! LOL) 

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