Monday, February 6, 2017

Penny Inn Sew Along - Getting Started! - Week 1

(Just a reminder, the Penny Inn has been a sew along before, and you can find all the guidelines and steps HERE on Christine's blog!  I'm sure my instructions will be very similar, but if you are getting confused or want to work ahead, feel free to jump over there and see if that makes more sense!)

Sorry, this is the only one I have pictures of for now!
Everybody ready??  It's time to get started!  If you want to see a few more shots of my last Penny Inn, here's the blog post!

This pattern is VERY detailed and there are going to be a lot of pieces, so it's important to stay organized as you go along!  To get started, make sure you read through the entire pattern at least once (don't worry if there are confusing spots, sometimes having the fabric in your hand clears things up!) and print out the pieces.  If you are going by measurements, you only need to print the pages showing the pieces without measurements.  I also like to print out the cutting list and mark it off as I go along (pages 8 and 9).  There is going to be a lot of cutting (up to 56 pieces, if you do the straps and everything!) so it's going to get a bit tricky for a while!  Don't get discouraged, you can do it!!

If you are using measurements, you only need to print out pages 70-75.

If you get easily lost or you are taking your time, I'd suggest printing out the text only instructions and marking off each step as you do it!   (76-90)  Nothing worse than getting almost to the end and realizing you skipped a step back at the beginning and it's not going to come together!

For the first week, you should work on picking fabric, cutting out the pattern pieces, and start cutting out the fabric!  Decide which features you are going to have (strap or not, pocket supplement or not...crazy fabrics or not) and make a note!

Be sure to share your fabrics on the Event page, we love drooling over pretty fabrics!  I'm trying to figure out which fabric will have the most appeal since I don't really need a new Penny Inn for myself...  Maybe some Alison Glass panels?  I might fall in love and decide that I DO need to keep it after all!
This was the Bonnie Bucket Bag, but I have more of this awesome fabric still in my stash!


  1. Does the Penny Inn have room to hold an iPhone when it's fully loaded with cards & money (well, SOME money....)?

    1. I'm not 100% sure, but I bet it would as long as it isn't too long or in a huge case. I've carried my Samsung Galaxy s7, but I have to clean out my extra receipts and random papers. ;) And that was with change in it...


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