Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sparkly Princess Emma Bags

Once again the Emma by ChrisW has proven to be the perfect purse for little girls!  This time I was commissioned to make some for sisters, and since they are little girls that love all things sparkly, I broke into my stash of pre-glittered Disney princess fabrics.

I really love the flap option on these purses, it feels like they are a little more stylish and secure, and who doesn't love a fun heart shaped twist lock?
Frozen Queen!
Anna on the inside
Lots of mermaids...
Inside the fabric mostly matches...the Hello Kitty was a request, and since the other one is going to a toddler, I went with some pretty coordinating sparkly fabric.  You can't have too much glitter!  The glitter mostly stays on the fabric, there was some all over me when I finished, but there was enough on the fabric that I'm not even sure where it was falling off...or maybe the needle was hitting glitter and shooting it at me?  I wouldn't put it past my machine to try to fling glitter at me...
In person, totally sparkly!

Inside the purses is one zippered pocket and one slip pocket, and you turn through the zippered pocket, so the top edge is nice and even!
Cute matching pink zipper!
Bright red zipper!  Sparkle on that fabric doesn't really show up
I really wanted to make some extras since I'm all sold out of the ready made ones, but I have orders stacking up so that will have to wait!  I just need more hours in the day!

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