Monday, March 6, 2017

Magnolia Mini Messenger Madness - #2 Ariel Love

The second Magnolia is done in all fabric, and I only had a limited amount of the tonal gradient one.  I love the colors, and they perfectly match the Ariel fabric!  I think it came from a Gelato Ombre half yard pack I found on Mass Drop.  I need to stockpile these, they are so gorgeous in person!
I love all the colors on this.  A LOT.
The ombre fabric is so gorgeous in person.

Pretty strap
I love the grown up look of this fabric, still with a fun Disney Princess, but not so 'kid'.  And you have to appreciate a fabric that includes Dinglehoppers... :D

I had trouble picking the zipper color, even with about 50 different colors, none were just right!  I finally decided the dark purple was the least 'in your face' but still matched.  I'm pretty sure that picking the zipper took me longer than sewing the purse!  Originally I planned on trying different types of interfacing with my first 2 versions to see which I liked the best, but I ended up sticking with foam in the body and a thicker fusible fleece in the flap.  It gives the purse shape, and lets the flap be 'flappy'  ;)
Unfortunate zipper placement...
 The lining is just some pretty random design that I had in my stash.  Once again, fabric collecting is paying off!  (It's not hoarding if you eventually use it!) :D
Inside has the zipper pocket, and 2 slip pockets plus a pen pocket

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