Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pick a Pocket Wallet - Dachshund Style

This fabric is not one I'd usually pick out, but I kind of fell in love with these dogs!  Especially the one just lounging with the 'how you doin'?' look on his face...

"How you doin'?"
It had been forever since the last time I made a Pick a Pocket wallet from ChrisW Designs, so it was almost like a brand new pattern when I started it! Of course, since the fabric is hard to find now, I screwed up spectacularly on my first attempt and had to recut every piece that used the limited fabric.  I don't know what was going on when I started sewing, but I'm blaming the sewing gremlins!  I tried to fussy cut the first pieces to showcase the dogs, but I ended up getting them either too high or low (or sideways) and then cutting holes with my seam ripper...

Extra zipper pocket
Body zipper pocket
Take 2 was MUCH better, no dogs were hidden under the snap, no random globs of glue, no sideways dogs...
Still didn't get it perfect, but the dogs both have their eyes at least!
The fabric is Timeless Treasures and the lining is a nice shaded blue I found at Joann's.  The blue is a little rougher than the dog fabric, and you can feel the difference between quilting quality and 'regular' quality fabric for sure with this one!  Thanks to the interfacing, they should both hold up nicely, but the more expensive fabric is usually worth it!

Phone or money pocket, 1 of 4 long slip pockets!
Just in time, I had my snap order show up with the adorable dog paw and heart embossing, perfect for this wallet (and the next one with a different dog fabric!)
I should have ordered more of these snaps!
He's asking if you are spending money on treats for him
That dog is awesome.  And he knows it.
Next up is a Boon wallet with the leftovers of this fabric, and later there will be another Pick a Pocket with different dog fabric...Maybe March is turning into dog wallet month for me!

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