Monday, March 13, 2017

Magnolia Mini Messenger Madness - #3 Tula Pink Turtles

The entire reason I started on my Magnolia Messenger mission was for the swap, so I guess it's time to share the real one I sent out!  My swap partner indicated that she loved all things Tula, plus purple and pink, so this fabric won out for the actual swap purse!  It is definitely bright and bold, and the colors are very vivid!  The turtle on the flap is not totally obvious at first glance (at least to me anyway!), but the colors and design are very pretty.
Tula Pink Slow and Steady
I really like the rings to attach straps, no 'corners' to twist around and rub on the strap!

The woodcut animals coordinated with both the flap and the lining, and give even more 'Tula' - the combination of bright and bold (and sometimes crazy, but in a good way :D ) prints and patterns is her signature style!

I love the deep color of the lining with the pops of pink, it's still bright and beautiful, but not as busy.  I'm finding myself more drawn to her coordinates, the patterns and colors are super awesome!
Inside has the zip pocket and a slip pocket that is divided into 2 pockets and a pen pocket
I even had some glitter vinyl in my stash that was a perfect match!  It's a thicker style, almost like a leather backing, but my sewing machine was able to power through!  I'm very glad it was at the bottom of the bag, much easier than when it's at the top!  The color is really an intense hot pink, and it was hard to get it to show up consistently in the pictures! 
Handmade bling from Emmaline Bags makes me happy!
Zipper is actually a perfect match!  Hooray for a stash of supplies!

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