Monday, February 26, 2018

Middle Earth Ramona (Swoon)

Oddly enough, it's rather difficult to find Lord of the Rings purses.  There is some fabric out there that is from the movies (digitally printed images) but finding one that is 'cool' enough to become a purse is pretty rare.  When I came across the preorder from Affordable Fabrics and More for this awesome Middle Earth map, you know I had to jump on that!  I have it in several different colors, but I think the green and tan (aged parchment!) is probably my favorite.
Batman is disappointed because there are no good swimming holes marked
Back, looks like the front but with a giant pocket!
This isn't an exciting purse, but it is a fast and handy one!  Even better, the pattern is free! (You can find it HERE - Ramona by Swoon) I have a crazy print one I use for day trips when I only need a wallet and phone and don't want to carry everything (like conventions, Renaissance festivals, Disney trips....) and this is the same style my youngest has requested for her next purse as well.  I left off the stripes so we didn't hide any of the awesome print, but I feel like it isn't exciting enough.  The "handmade" tag helps a little, but it would have been better in gold!
I love my Emmaline Bags bling!

The purse as designed is only one giant zippered pocket, but I added on a slip pocket to the back for a little extra storage.  When I made myself one, I also added a slip pocket inside, but that only catches on whatever you stick inside, so it wasn't a good idea.  I prefer to try out mods on my own stuff first, and then I can figure out what is the 'best' way to make something.
Back slip pocket

Inside, with pretty green leafy fabric
I'm also not a fan of the top zipper, no matter what I do, it has a little extra to it that I have to tuck in.  I don't even think I can do zipper tabs because of how it is assembled.  Other than the extra zipper at the ends, it's actually pretty straight and when you stuff it full, the zipper settles down.
I'm not sure how I could make this better...but it isn't actually as wavy as it looks.
This is the first purse to get the new and improved white tiger charm, and I love it so much I had to stick one on the purse I'm using now!
Yep, shared this last week, but it's so cute!
I have some other amazing LOTR fabric begging to be used, just need either orders or spare time since I don't want to waste it!


  1. This is so cool! It would also be great for a Game of Thrones purse, if similar fabric exists for Westeros.

    1. I actually do have some Westeros map fabric... :D


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