Monday, February 12, 2018

More Magical Connie's Wristlets!

When I first tested the Connie Wristlet pattern for R+R creations, I thought it was a fun and fast project, but didn't know if I'd have a chance to make more any time soon.  Silly me, I should have known better!  Right away I had a few people contact me and the first one bought the test one that day, with others wanting to order their own!  The best part of doing custom purses is that even when I'm duplicating something I already made, each one is going to look a little different, especially with fun fabrics like these!
Definitely not identical twins!
Other side

One of the new clutches also features the Diagon Alley print instead of just the Hogwarts print!  And the embroidery on it really makes it one of a kind!  Next I should make one with my Dark Mark fabric, I'm sure someone needs a Dementor clutch!
Request was for the embroidered initial to match the Apothecary A. 
I decided to live on the edge this time and cut and interface the fabric before I embroidered!  Since I have limited supplies of this custom fabric, I didn't really want to waste anything! Fortunately it worked out and didn't distort the fabric or shrink it down enough to notice.
A has a thin gold outline, Gryffindor colors!
Since I had the 2 orders to do in a row, I did assembly line and try to speed up production.  Definitely worked for the interfacing and the fusing parts (love my steam press!) but I had to be extra careful to keep the sets of pieces separate.  It totally helped that I had the different fabric for half of one and the initial! 
Time to stock up on this color of zipper! I used up my stash!
The pockets on this little clutch are what really make it fun!  5 inside pockets!
One of them....maybe the embroidered one?
The other one!  Trying to show all the pockets is not easy without stuff inside...
Batman insisted on his scale pic.
AND he wanted a close-up.  
If you would like one of your own, I still have enough fabric for a few more similar ones, and I can of course do it in tons of other fabrics!  I think this would be adorable in some custom Disney fabrics... Just drop me a conversation on Etsy!


  1. I love ny clutch!! It's perfect! All the wording is exactly the way I wanted it! Rachel was very professional and listened to my wants with the clutch! I sew, but could not get it to be this beautiful! Precise and exact! I love it so much, I haven't put anything in it yet, but it's in my purse so I can see it every-day. Thank you Rachel!

    1. I'm so glad you love it! Hopefully soon you start using it instead of just admiring it LOL


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