Friday, April 20, 2018

As You Wish - Pegasus Cross Body Bag Testing

When the chance to test another pattern for XOXO by Lauren came up, I was super excited and did my best to squeeze it into my busy schedule (ok, I might have jumped it ahead of a few, but it's fast so that's not a huge deal...) 
Mine, all mine. 
The Pegasus Cross Body tote is a fast and fun pattern, and would be amazing for craft shows and quick presents.  I have tons of fabric that would look awesome on this, and you can use either vinyl, cork or fabric for the bottom, so the different combos are endless!
 For mine, I wanted a new convention bag, and I've been hoarding my Princess Bride fabric from Knitorious for the perfect purse...which this barely used any so I've got a ton left for another project!  The bottom fabric looks like cork, but it's called Uncorked and has metallic gold glints, so cool!
Slip pockets
Inside the pattern has 2 slip pockets, but I need more pockets, so I had to add in a zipper pocket.  I think an outside hidden phone pocket (like on the Minifacto) would be an easy addition, but to keep it fast you could always skip those.  It's not a huge purse, but it would easily hold a water bottle or 2 and a few snacks/wallet/flask of rum/treasures/etc... and I was so happy to see that my Tula Pink Octogarden matched!  I think octopi and pirates are a great combo!
Zipper Pocket
The bottom piece has a lot of surface and I can't leave things plain, so of course it needed embroidery!  This is actually a key fob design from String Theory Fab Art, I just left off the wording and the extra outlines.  I was tempted to do one of the quotes, but I wasn't sure how well it would fit.  The embroidery area ended up being about 6.5" tall and 8.5" wide, so any 5x7 design that stitches sideways would be great! 
I was expecting the Pegasus to be smaller, but it could almost hold the hardbound book inside!
One of the features that makes this a fast sew is the cotton webbing strap.  I have had these belt ends in my hardware stash forever with no plan, but now I think I need to stock up on them!  This is one of the few times I wished that I had gold hardware, the glints in the uncorked would have really popped!
Batman is considering becoming a pirate, as a fall-back career to being a billionaire crime fighter.
Go pick up your own copy of the Pegasus, or contact me if you need an epic cross body of your own!

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