Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Crochet Princesses and Weeping Angels - Loveys!

What is a Lovey? It's a little something you can love, like a blanket or a doll, or BOTH!  Ever since I made Tinkerbell, I've been planning on making more of these to stock for craft fairs (and possibly Etsy), but they take a little time to make and put together.  I think I've finally gotten fast enough to make more than one a year, so time to go crazy! 

First up is a Purple princess, for a friend that is having her first in just a few weeks!  So excited for her!

(I don't like embroidering the faces, I'm always worried I'll screw them up...)

(Back, she has a pretty bun, so no strands of yarn to get tangled around baby fingers)

(With the matching hat that used up the last tiny bit of that beautiful purple yarn)

(It's fun to spread out the dresses, you can really see the 'blanket' aspect)
 And then I had a request for a Cinderella looking Lovey, so this is what I came up with.  I love her gloves, they actually have a little sparkle, as does the bottom of her dress!  She is approved by my 5 year old princess-obsessed child, so I think it's good!
(I feel like she has a much higher forehead for some reason, or maybe her head is bigger?)
(Another pretty dress!)
Before I had made the princesses, I found a pattern that released on my birthday last year so I HAD to get it!  It's a Weeping Angel (from Doctor Who) and it turned out MUCH larger than I thought it would, also much more intricate with wings, lacy patterns in the skirt, and lots and lots of hair.

(I can't decide if I want to sew her hands to her face or not, It's fun to play with her and she's pose-able this way!)
And just to see how much bigger they are next to each other:

(Don't Blink.)
I was having fun, but my kids just looked at me and rolled their eyes...She's being chased! 

 Next up is an Elsa inspired one, but the yarn is VERY thick, so I'm not sure it's going to work out...

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