Sunday, November 1, 2015

Getting Started - Kiss Clutch Sew Along - Fabric Galore!

This is going to be a fast sew along, so no time to waffle over fabric choices!  You may even have time to make ALL your choices before the sew along is done!!  Here are a few of my selections, plus I really want to do some embroidered flap ones as well...Need to pick those out also!
The mouse polka dots could be either grown up or girly, depending on which is outside!

This one makes me think of fall with the browns and darker colors.  The solids perfectly match some of the circles, even though it's hard to see in this pic

A shimmery silver fabric, much better in person!

Tula Pink fabrics

More Tula Pink fabrics

Something a bit different for me, Wonder Woman fat quarter was from Walmart!

I may try to assembly line my cuts, at least the interfacing parts!  There are a few tips and tricks over on Christine's Blog, thanks to Ellen!  Go check them out and see for yourself just how fast this can go!

As soon as you pick your fabric, go ahead and run with it!  I'll be starting one asap, for a gift, so no pics until after she gets it.  ;)

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