Wednesday, November 25, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Hey, Guess What - One Month to Christmas!

Did you realize Christmas is in one month??  I didn't until someone pointed it out this morning.   Uhhhhh....time to start just chewing espresso beans by the handful, no time to wait for it to turn into coffee!
I could use a pair of wings right about now...if they made me sew faster!

Before I get overwhelmed with trying to do everything, I want to take a moment to say that I am really thankful for everything that has happened this year, my family is safe and (getting) healthy, my friends are great, life is pretty good and I have had a fun year of crafting, writing, and creating and sharing it with everyone.

Ok, back to the freaking out....

Craft show went great last weekend, but now I need to restock crayon rolls completely, make a few more key fobs, maybe a few cowls, finish up those coffee cup cozies (my ewok ended up being sewed on crooked, so he looks a bit tipsy...)....and whatever else I think of to try to make!

Still have a few of these left, but I'm low on headbands!
A super soft and slouchy hat, finished it the night before the craft show but of course no pictures of it done!
I also finally got to make a pair of the 'giant' wings on my new embroidery machine!  They aren't perfect, but now I know what I'm doing and what to watch/listen for!  I can see why people sell them for so much, they are a lot of materials and time!

on a 6 year old...and they fit on me too!



I WILL finish those baby blankets this week!!
Harry Potter Purse - My goal is to finish it by this weekend!
Wallet for co-worker - ordered more of the fabric, waiting for that to arrive

Crayon Rolls - have 12 cut and ready to sew, need to cut boy ones and prep them - all before December 11.
BB-8 Tunic Dress - need to prewash the fabric, find or reprint the pattern, and get going.


Finish BB-8 hat
Coffee cup cozies - rip the face off the ewok and try again, sew yoda together, a few simple ones with buttons
Cowls  - at least 2 more before the craft show, they go fast once I'm back in the swing of making them


-Christmas cards - I have an idea for a simple one that might go fast...hopefully!
-baking - might keep it simple this year, just one or 3 types of cookies


Quilt - Sedimental - need to clear floor space and finally baste the layers together.  I think I changed my mind on the backing fabric, I got some of the other colors of Tula Pink Freefall and I love them even more!  This will probably get pushed back until after I get some presents made



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