Wednesday, November 18, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Over Halfway Through November?!?!

I know time flies, but this is ridiculous!  I haven't even had a chance to think about Christmas stuff yet; usually I like to make my cards (and get them out by Jan 1 most years...hey, it still counts, right?) and by now I'll at least have a plan for what I need to procrastinate doing.  I haven't even pulled out the card stuff yet, so either I'm going super simple, buying cards, or not sleeping....Hello, Coffee!

New doodles for the etsy shop...eventually

Instead of Christmas stuff, I've been working on my craft show stock.  The good news is that the new embroidery machine is GREATLY increasing productivity, but now I have to finish all those great things it is making...Cutting out 5 key fobs a night isn't bad, but when I'm making 8 in the time it took me to make 3 before, they are starting to stack up!  And that many to cut at once is asking for scissor calluses and hand cramps!  At least when they are done I should be stocked up for a few months...

Tinkerbell ornaments!
My 'to do' pile keeps getting larger...
In an attempt to have time to make our own family things, the Etsy store will stop taking handmade orders the first week of December.  Things we have in stock (like key chains, cowls, hats and aprons) will still be available but need to be ordered by the 11th to guarantee it shows up before Christmas.

Craft show WIP's:

Crayon rolls - I finished 12 last week, sold several, and now need to make more!
Lots of boy ones this time, and the first to sell were the Frozen ones...figures.
Snap tabs - Doctor Who, Fluffy Unicorn, Batman, Ninja Turtles, and baby MLP are on the list to be stitched/cut/snapped
Bows - finish assembling the Reindeer ones, stitch out some MLP ones and put them together, stitch some orange base Broncos's sliders
Crochet - finally sold all the coffee cozies I made last year, need to finish up an ewok and Yoda, plus some pretty yarn ones.  At least one super fluffy yarn hat, got one almost finished last night before the dog and I passed out on the couch!
The orange is much brighter in person...and he still needs eyes...

Other current WIP's:

Secret pattern test is almost finished, waiting for a revision before I finish.  It's amazing, can't wait until I can share it!!

Harry Potter purse - need to verify measurements, figure out where I put the pattern pieces, embroider, cut and sew!

Epiphany purse - this is sooo close to being finished, then I can take it to craft shows or list on Etsy!

A new crochet hat for attempt at a 'do it yourself' pattern is turning into another giant bag or a slouch hat that would fit dreadlocks...time to frog and find a real pattern!

Quilt - I REALLY want to finish my Sedimental quilt!!

Baby Flannel blankets - need to redo one embroidery because I decided the name looked REALLY bad... the babies are already here and I still haven't finished!

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