Wednesday, November 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Kiss Clutch Sew Along

We are well underway for the Sew Along, and several people have even finished at least one clutch!  This really is a fast sew!  I have one in progress that will be a present, so just in sharing of that one!  Well, ok, just one sneak peak...
I love the handmade tabs from Emmaline bags!!

I also finally started the Nora by Swoon for a friend.  She only picked everything out a few months ago...I'm trying to get my backlog cleared up but with craft shows and Christmas coming up, things are going to jump the line and get pushed back randomly!

For the sew along, someone was looking for the hardware, so here are some quick picks I snapped in Joann's last night..  I was trying to get one without a kid, so of course I ended up with blurry ones.  :| Mine didn't have any of the 3/4" that the pattern calls for, but you could always substitute 1/2" or 1" and you would adjust the width of the strap.

To adjust the width of the strap, cut the strap to the same length as the pattern states, but cut the width of the piece to 4x the inside measurement of your hardware.  If you used a 1" D ring, you'd cut the fabric to be 4" wide.  For a 1/2" D ring, cut the fabric to be 2" wide.  Then follow the same instructions for ironing it in half and folding the edges in to the center and ironing again. 
In the Notions aisle

Purse area, mine is near the beading and jewelry making section.  Sorry for the blur, but at least you can get an idea of the colors on the packages!  And they are usually a little cheaper than the notions ones.
This is my stash of some of the D rings I own, bought from various places online, usually MUCH cheaper than Joann's, even with a coupon!  Another place to find hardware for good prices is a local leather shop.  The bonus is that their hardware is made to hold up to a little more wear and tear and is usually pretty strong!
I think I might be good on D rings for a few months...these are just my nickel finished ones.



 Harry Potter Concealed Carry Purse - fabric and supplies have arrived, need to finish the pattern modifications and get cutting!
 Minky Narwhals - These are too adorable and super soft!! Need to sew this one shut and whip out a few more!
Nora - Outside is halfway sewn, all the pieces are cut except the cross body strap and connectors, need to make sure I have that figured out and attached before I go too far

Kiss Clutch - Pieces cut for the first one, need to finish sewing it tonight!  Next ones have the fabric chosen, and I'll be mass cutting the interfacing for them so hopefully it will go fast!


Finish up the Star Wars coffee cup cozies
Make myself a new winter hat before it gets too cold.
Start some My Little Pony inspired hats, with embroidered cutie marks, in both kid and adult sizes

Also, I need to find a time turner or this stuff will never get finished!


  1. Fun blog! Thanks Rachel. Hope to finish my first Kiss Clutch later today.

  2. Hi Rachel, Thanks for the tips about D rings, ... will definitely come in handy as I have so many different sizes.

    1. It's a simple tip, but one I didn't figure out until someone else explained it. It seems pretty simple now, but it's the easy things I always seem to overthink. ;)

  3. Loved this, thanks for sharing!

  4. I can't wait to see how to put the zipper in it along with the flap. I can do one or the other but can't figure out both! LOL

    1. Once you see it, it's not that hard, but there's probably better ways than what I came up with. ;)

  5. Concealed Carry Purse!? I definitely need one!

    1. I'm hoping to do some 'in progress' shots this time so it won't be so hard to make your own. Or I do custom ones for sale too! :D


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