Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pillowcases For Everyone!

I'm not sure how, but pillowcases and socks seem to disappear in our house.  Maybe the sock gnomes have branched out?  In any case, a shortage of pillowcases means that I get to make new ones from my fun fabrics!
Pretty pillowcases all in a row

I let my kids pick out the fabrics, so some of the combinations weren't exactly what I would have chosen, but they love them, so that's all that matters!
Tula Pink trees, which of course was printed the wrong direction for the tutorial...had to modify it so the trees were going the right way
Pokemon!  I love the rainbow fabric, it's a half yard bundle I bought from Massdrop, so perfect for the cuffs
I used this tutorial from the Cottage Mama:  It is fast to cut, a quick sew, and you end up with no exposed seams!  Also, you don't need a fancy (serger) machine, so anyone with a sewing machine can make one.  I might try a few for the Etsy shop, but I don't know if people really want to pay $18 for a single pillowcase...although for a few $$ more, I can even personalize them with names...hmm...
Pretty inside seams!

This is also a great stash buster, each pillowcase uses 27" x width of fabric(WOF) for the main, plus 12"xWOF for the cuff.  I left off the accent piece on most of them since I was using solids for the cuffs, but the one I did use it on turned out very stylish, so maybe I'll add that onto more in the future!  I would probably topstitch the accent piece down for the next one, although it is fun to fiddle with while you are falling asleep.
The little strip isn't sewn down on one side, so it flaps and likes to wrinkle in the dryer.  I'm not about to start ironing sheets.  I don't have time for that!


  1. I really, really love the geeky pillow case with glasses super cute!!

    1. My son picked those out, he's already planning to be a scientist when he grows up!


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