Tuesday, March 1, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Some Days It Doesn't Pay To Get Out of Bed

This last week has been pretty random...I wanted to finish the matching Harry Potter Always wallet, plus I had an order for a party's worth of pony ears.  25 sets of ears later (and only a slight high from all the glue - ventilation is important!) and I was ready to go back to the wallet.
These at least seem to be ok...

However, my sew-jo decided to go on hiatus and Jack (my seam ripper) and I were spending a lot of time together.  I think it's a good time to take a break after you've ripped top-stitching out 3 times and only then notice that you didn't even sew it right to begin with...*facepalm*

See how one side is nice and rounded, and the other side is square...yeah, not sure what happened there.  Or how I missed it!
It hasn't been a good crafting week at all, maybe I should just not touch ANYTHING!  I was trying to get another order done quickly and didn't even realize it was wrong until halfway through the day when I looked at the listing...can you spot my mistake??  :| And can I mention the vinyl backing is killing me? I seriously can't get a good picture of the color.  It's really a shade in between the 2 pictures...

I need to finish a birthday gift before Saturday, but I'm afraid to cut anything!  I am leaning toward the mermaid and narwhal combo, instead of the "I'mNeverSleepingAgainGimmeMoreCoffee" Rapunzel fabric.  All the rest of the princesses are fine, not sure what's up with her...
I'm not sure if she's on coffee or something stronger.  Or a zombie.  
Who doesn't love narwhals? Probably crazy Rapunzel...
 Or there's always this gorgeous Jasmine fabric I acquired recently...No crazy eyes here!

I decided it was time to clean up my WIP/NIL list and add in the UFO option since my list just seems to be growing...  maybe this will help me keep track and possibly get things off the list...eventually...

WIP: (Actual deadlines -- sitting out on my work area and taking up space)


Dakota Ipad case out of girly fabric by Saturday at noon.  (Anyone want to take bets on how close to noon I'll still be sewing?)

Harry Potter Pick a Pocket wallet to match the concealed carry Rosie - cut out, started, need to recut the tab and finish up - This weekend!

Flannel Eater blanket - I will finish this in March!


Jumping the line - Teddy Bear lovey for a baby shower in 3 weeks, and a matching hat...better get a move on!  Oh rats, no soft baby yarn in the right colors...I see yarn shopping in my future!

Mermaid lovey - Sea blanket is done, head is done (no hair), started on tail.  Only 5 more months and she'll be done (I'm making progress...)

NIL (Next in Line-Things I plan on and want to do, but haven't gotten around to yet...)

Finish the Owl Epiphany purse
Crayon Rolls
Rosie Tsum Tsum purse
Tulip pouches (from this free pattern!!)
January Bag of the Month (Backgammon Bag) - Either in some Effervescence fabric or maybe the Zelda stained glass fabric
February Bag of the Month (Window Shopper) - This may be the first bag of the month I work on, I'm getting the urge to cut into my Lecien Japanese princess fabric!
March Bag of the Month - this one is begging for some awesome embroidery!
Princess Lovey - she just needs hair and her head attached!
Embroidered pillow covers
Quilted pillow covers - Sasquatch fabric is ready to go, just need some spare time!

UFO (Unfinished Objects that are already started but I have no set time to work on and don't want to forget about them forever!)

Sedimental Quilt- all quilted, just needs squared up and binding
Cowls - just need buttons and ends woven in.  Giving up on the one a month plan until it gets closer to craft season.
Bella II in Tula Pink Foxfield - outside is done, inside is cut and waiting for me to finish, already have someone that wants it!
Doctor Who Pick a Pocket - all the pieces are cut, just needs finished!
Goldfish Lovey - fish is made, bowl is mostly made, needs put together
Dragon Lovey - I have pieces and the blanket done

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