Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Serendipity Hip Sew Along - Let's go!

It's time to get started on your Serendipity Hip!  If you can't start right away, don't fret, this is a small purse and while there are a lot of pieces, they come together very nicely!  We have 3 weeks to finish, and if you get to the end and just need another day or 2, we might be able to smudge the deadline a tiny bit so everyone can enter their pics in the album.  The hardest part (in my opinion) is cutting out ALL the pieces and the interfacing, and then ironing them together.  Pop in a movie you've seen a million times or put on some good music, and go to town!
I'm going to attempt glitter vinyl.  Wish me luck!

I hope you've picked out your fabric already, but if not, feel free to share your options in the FaceBook group and we'll drool over your fabrics and probably help you narrow it down!  I'm planning on glitter vinyl for the bottom piece - it will either be just like fabric or drive me insane, not sure yet!

Hopefully you've already read over the pattern once and printed and cut your pattern pieces out.  This week, you are going to do steps 1 and 2 - cutting and fusing interfacing.  One thing I really want to highlight is this note from page 5 of the Serendipity Hip pattern:

It seems like phones are getting bigger every day, so you might want to check yours just in case!

Feel free to work ahead if you get in a groove and want to finish, or if you are like me and seem to procrastinate you will need to pull some late nights at the end to finish in time!  Check out Christine's Blog where Ellen has some great pics and other tips/tricks!

April 5-8 - cutting and fusing (steps 1-2)
April 9-10 - the strap and connectors (steps 3-5)
April 11-15 - outer zip pocket, phone pocket, and outside (steps 6-7)
April 16-19 - interior (steps 8-9) - If I remember, I'm going to try to modify the interior zipper pocket so I can turn through that instead of the bottom!
April 20-26 - the top zipper and putting it all together (steps 10-12) (and catching up if you need it!)

Deadline for entering finished pictures will be April 27th at 6 pm MDST

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  1. Looks like a fine plan. Thanks for the reminder about the size of the phone slip pocket! Off to a fine start.


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