Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Window Shopper Tote - February Bag of the Month Pattern

I love the Bag of the Month club, but for some reason I never seem to get to make the patterns right when they release.  Maybe I have too much on my plate?  Nah...I must still sleep too much.  Who really needs a whole 6 hours of sleep? Coffee is AMAZING.  Back on track...

This fabric is just so fun and PINK!

Other side

Anyway, When I saw the February bag (The Window Shopper by Mrs. H), I was inspired to use some of my GIANT Cinderella Lecien panels.  They are some really neat fabrics that are printed in Japan (no worrying about that troublesome copy write from the mouse guys since it's a classic fairy tale)  but they were much larger than I expected.  To get the full effect, they needed a huge purse!  Or I could have done them on a dress, but they are not as soft as some of the other quilting fabrics.  I was amazed when I realized that the colors are almost identical to some of the Eden Tula Pink line, and while I was really hesitant to mix stripes and patterns, I think it gives it a very fun feel!  The black background helps to keep it from being too crazy, and I used black fabric for the gusset, hopefully that will keep it from showing the dirt as much...
Outside slip pockets close with magnets

Recessed zipper that opens up all the way to get inside!
The only major modification I did was to replace the outer pocket with pleats with a second full sized flat pocket.  The black fabric I found that perfectly matched the black background (not all black fabrics are the same, so frustrating!) ended up having a bit of stretch, so I interfaced it before I cut it out, to help it keep the right shape.  When I sewed the lining, I left the top seam the same as the pattern called for and increased it on the sides and bottom by almost 1/4", but it still ended up a little baggy.  As it gets used, the lining should setting in better.  I also used the 'turn through a zipper pocket' method, which is my new favorite trick!
Inside with 3 slip pockets and a zippered pocket

This purse seemed to take me forever to make, but it really wasn't that bad.  I probably could have finished it in a week, but I kept getting distracted.  The next one I'm working on is March, and it's like a baby purse compared to this one!

If you'd like to take this tote home, it will be available in the Etsy shop this week!

(EDIT:  Direct link to the purse on Etsy!  HERE)


  1. Loved reading your blog. Your version of the Window Shopper is terrific. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. LOVE it Rachel! It looks really COOL! ;)


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