Friday, January 9, 2015

2015 Goals. Finally.

I know most people traditionally set their goals and resolutions on January 1st and then by now have already given up, but I like to think about what I want to get accomplished.  And I'm a procrastinator, so it's not a surprise I haven't set them down in writing yet.  I'll even get started on them soon.  At least at the end of the year I can look back and think, "hey, I almost got that one done!"

(Random crazy bunny picture because blog posts are 1000% better with a picture.  True story)

Sewing goals:

Make at least 2 projects from 'on hand' fabric in my stash for every new one I buy supplies for.  Purses, crayon rolls, quilts, anything that uses what I have on hand will count.

Make purses for etsy/craft fairs.  I have so many patterns that I've never even tried, but I don't NEED 27 purses of my own.  And I'm running out of room to store them.

Finally get over my fear of paper piecing and make the Tardis quilt block, then put it on a messenger bag.

Easy one - lead a sew-along.  Bam, almost done with that one!

Crochet goals:

Finish up 1 WIP for every new project I start.  First up will be the loveys that are just un-stuffed pieces rattling around in a bag and occasionally being stolen by the dog when he thinks I'm not looking.

Use up the tulle by making a ton of tutus throughout the least one a month. (yes, a 'ton' is close to 12)

Try at least one pattern a month from my 'bought/found and never tried' ravelry library and paper books.

Crochet every character in the Hello Kitty amigurumi book.  (This may take more than a year!)

Writing goals:

Blog at least once a week, building up to 3 times a week.

Finish the edit/re-write on my first book.  Submit to publishers.  Frame my first rejection letter.  Frame my first acceptance letter.  OR just self publish on amazon.

Write at least 6 short stories and submit to magazines, etc.

General Crafty goals:

Organize my supplies.  ALL supplies, crochet, sewing and scrap booking.  Keep a phone nearby in case I'm buried alive under an avalanche of supplies and have to call for a rescue.

Scrapbook at least 3 pages a month (one for each child).

Exercise goals:

Work out every other day on the elliptical, for any amount of time.  By February, start doing the 30 minute programs instead of just walking. 

Lose 1lb a week (overall goal is 50lbs in the year) and fit into my clothes better, then into smaller sizes.

Overall goal:

Complete at least 5 things off this list!

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