Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WIP Wednesday - More Sugar and Spice!

Yes, still working on the Sugar & Spice purse...I'm taking my time and enjoying the ride.  ;)  Don't worry if you are still cutting and fusing, you've got 3 weeks left to finish and enter it in the FaceBook group to get prizes!!
(Lots of sewing, and my lines are almost straight-ish!)

This week I've gotten over half of the straps finished, and started clipping my piping on.  Which led to the discovery that I needed more.  Good thing it's so easy to make!  I should have the outside finished by Saturday, then time to start the inside and put it all together!  After I get past this part, the rest should fly by!
(Ran out of clips, I need more!!)

For my UFO - I finished up some crochet that I found in the bottom of my crochet bag that only needed buttons and a flower sewn on.  I was able to do it while watching my oldest compete in the National Academic League.  It's a great time for me to crochet since I don't think they'd appreciate me lugging in my sewing machine.  I love having a craft I can take anywhere to do since it's quiet and not (usually) a huge mess!

(Ava Cowl)
(Headband from one of the many free patterns I scored in December! I love when designers give you codes for a free one to try them out!)
(Back buttons make it adjustable)

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