Monday, January 5, 2015

Stella by Swoon - Diaperbag, overnight bag, or GIANT purse.

I have made a few purses and clutches for my sisters-in-law (sister-in-laws?) but this year I didn't know what they would like so I didn't plan anything special.  Then I got the news that there is a new nephew on the way and a request for a giant diaper bag like one she found on Etsy for $$$.  I showed her the Stella pattern, and she jumped on it!  This bag is rather large.  Very rather large.  Like "Birthday-Christmas-BabyShower gift" big. ;)

 I added in a few things and screwed up a few other things... Extra slip pockets on the inside, with a little extra room to them.  The outside zipper is supposed to be above the cargo pockets, but I made a design choice to put it on the side with another slip pocket.  (Yes, let's call it a 'design choice,' not an 'oops, I mixed the steps up because it was late at night and I was also running the embroidery machine and watching tv and that's not supposed to be there but too late now' incident)

(I meant to put the zipper there...yeah.)
The inside is laminated, with a fuzzy backing.  My first time trying to sew with something like that, and perhaps my last??  It wasn't too bad, but my sewing machine did fight a bit and complain.  The worst part was that the pieces slid a bit as I was trying to cut them out, so some of the pieces later got a little bit re-shaped and downsized.  Good thing they were the lining!

(Not even sure what this fabric is called, but it was in the home decorating section)
I also used Duck cloth, which is a sturdier/thicker fabric, plus headliner foam, so I didn't really go by the interfacing requirements at all.  I did add some foam into the strap for cushion, and interfaced the handles. (I expect this thing to weigh more than a small child when filled.  And it CAN fit a small child in there)  I'm pretty sure I could fit my dog and his sister in the bag.  Plus a small child.  ;)

And I finally got to use one of my 'handmade' labels from EmmalineBags!  I've been hoarding them (and forgetting about them) for some awesome bags, I hope this one falls into that category!

This was the first purse I've made in a while that wasn't a ChrisW design, and it was hard for me to switch gears to the different pattern styles.  The instructions for the Stella were very concise and condensed, while Christine likes to explain in detail every step, with a million pictures.  Just looking at the number of pages gives you a good idea of how different the two designers are!  The Stella has 6 total pages of instructions, plus the pattern pieces.  The Serendipity Hip (The 'easy' pattern) has 20+ pages, plus the pattern pieces.  Both designers make excellent purses and bags, but are VERY different pattern makers!! 

Next up I have a request for the Betty Bowler from Swoon, but I think I'll be making a practice one first to see how it goes!

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