Friday, January 23, 2015

Sugar & Spice Sew along - Weekend plans

We are just 2 weeks into the sew along, how is everyone doing?  Have you finally taken the plunge to cut your fabrics and interfacing?  Are you already sewing?  Are you (gasp) done??  Don't worry, no matter what step you are on, you can still finish in time to win prizes!  Plus we have weekly prizes for just sewing along!

Be sure to check out the ChrisW Designs FaceBook Group for inspiration, some of those ladies are already done with their gorgeous bags!

I didn't have a lot of time to sew this week, so this weekend will have to be my catch up time.

Weekend goals:

Finish making the last bit of piping
Finish sewing the bottoms of the straps
attach piping to top and pockets
sew pockets together and onto the purse body
sew outside together - adding on extra strap bottoms to the side seams for the adjustable strap BEFORE sewing on the bottom.  (need to make sure I remember that!)

Once all those are done, I need to remember my measurements for the inside zippered pocket placement (or measure my existing purse)

If I'm on a roll, I might even finish the purse this weekend!  I highly doubt it, but it could happen!  I'm motivated to finish soon so I can start on my other projects, including a Doctor Who messenger style bag for myself (Possibly using Genevieve or Savannah from Christine's patterns...can't decide!) a Mickey Mouse bowler bag (Probably using Betty Bowler from Swoon., maybe at a reduced size), a Serendipity Hip purses for my oldest in fabric she already picked out, some hobo style bags from the new free swoon pattern Laney using some of my pretty fabrics....the list never ends!

I can't wait to see how everyone does over the weekend!


  1. I'm falling behind too, but also hope to catch up this weekend with at least the handles and piping done

    1. How far did you get? I was able to get the outside almost completed, and the inside goes together much faster so I may even finish this week!


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