Monday, January 19, 2015

Sugar and Spice Sew along, week 2 - Time to start sewing!!

Hopefully by now you have your pieces cut and fused and are ready to jump in and turn a pile of fabric into an awesome bag!  If you haven't done that yet, don't worry, you still have time to get it done.  -- but maybe you should go work on it instead of hanging out on the Internet...just a suggestion ;)

(Quilted side, just followed the stem lines!)

Instead of fusible fleece, I used headliner foam to give the bag a little more structure.  The only bad thing about the headliner foam is that it isn't fusible.  I used some quilters basting spray and then sewed a few lines down the main pieces and the base to hold it in place and highlight the pattern in the fabric.  I was too lazy to go full on quilted, but I think this will keep the foam from shifting around as I maneuver it through my little sewing machine.
(Spray I used to hold the foam in place)
(No need to go crazy with spray, and you have a few tries to get it just right, if you move pretty fast)

(I swear it is stuck down!  It would peel up if I tried tho, so I like to sew it after it has a few minutes to dry.  Nice and flat!)

This week's plans:

Start sewing!!

Straps - follow the instructions to make your straps

(Straps ready to sew!!)
If you are doing a cross body strap, cut an extra 2 base strap pieces, plus the strap piece to the length you want.  I cut mine to 61" (had to cut 2 pieces and sew them together to get that length).  If you are taller/shorter, take a fabric tape measure and drape it across your body where you want the strap to sit, across to where the purse will be at your hip.  (Think Miss America sash!)  Add on at least 5" to account for the slider and ends.  When you finally add on the strap, be sure to test it out before doing the final sewing to make sure you won't have a bag dragging the floor or all up in your armpit.  Christine also has a tutorial on adjustable straps, which is the method I'm going to use on mine.  Adjustable Strap tutorial

I also only cut one of the straps from the pattern, and then cut it in half because I want the handles to be much shorter, but still there.

If you are making your own piping, be sure to check out Christine's tutorial on how to fold your fabric!  Piping tutorial

By the end of the week, you should have the outside completed and starting to get excited for how awesome your purse is going to look!!


  1. oh poo you reminded me now I forgot to quilt my pieces before I do the piping which I painstakingly pinned last night,.. pooooo... unpin or no quilt????

    1. Oh nooo!!!! Can you quilt across instead of up and down? I'd hate to undo so much work!


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