Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Embroidered Hobo Bag - Laney by Swoon

Finally more pictures of the Laney Hobo bag!  This was a fun pattern that came together very fast!  The curve sewing was a little tricky, but using ALL the pins I own on it seems to help!  If I had stuffed it full to the brim, I bet it would have taken a much nicer picture, but I didn't want to lug everything we own outside for that!
(Finally something to use my stockpiled My Little Pony fabric on!)

I think next time I make this pattern I will definitely add in pockets.  At least a zippered one inside, perhaps even a slip pocket on the outside and inside.  It has a lot of room, so this would be a fun overnight bag for a little girl, or if you are one of the 'throw it all inside and dig' purse people, it would be perfect!  I'm a pocket lover myself.  ;)

(Inside with yet another Pony fabric)
The closure it calls for are tie strings, so the entire purse can be reversible, but I wanted to use the cute pony snaps.  They don't reduce the inside storage by that much, and I wasn't too concerned about reversible.  I've also seen some cute tabs with magnets or snaps, so that might be my next option.
(Finally a place to use my stockpiled Pony snaps!)

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