Monday, March 2, 2015

Giving a Purse. Almost As Painful as Real Labor.

When you are almost finished with a purse, there are a few different ways to attach the inside to the outside.  One method is called "Drop in" where you put one inside the other and VERY carefully sew over lines you have already sewn, usually having to do some hand stitching to close where your machine refuses to reach.  My hand sewing is...special, so I prefer other methods where I can hide my stitching.

Another method I call the "Birthing" method.  It involves sewing the right sides together, leaving a small hole, and then forcing the purse right side out through that hole.  Usually the hole is in the lining or on the top and it will be closed with either hand stitching or top stitching.  And of course the hole never seems quite large enough.  For the latest purse I'm working on (The Laney Hobo bag by Swoon) I think I made the hole even smaller than I was supposed to.  Usually I measure and mark so I leave at least as much as they recommend, but not last night...

(about 5 minutes into the birth)

That was after I started trying to turn it and realized that maybe my hole was a smidge too small...

(Slowly coming out)
About 20 minutes later I had this much out.  My hands were starting to cramp up from grabbing, pulling, and wiggling the fabric.  I didn't want to yank because that will pop stitches.  My husband offered to let me use his needle nose pliers, but I was afraid they would tear the fabric.  I kept working it, sometimes trying to shove fabric in the hole, sometimes grabbing a piece near the opening...  Watching tv while doing this helped to keep me from throwing it across the room.

(FINALLY out!)
I want to say it was at least 45 minutes to birth this time I'm making the hole larger!  Come back later week to see the finished bag, nicely pressed and finished!

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