Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Last Wednesday in March!

Yet another month has FLOWN by; I need time to slow down, just a little!

I did get my new Juki sewing machine, and it's AWESOME, but there is a glitch in the sewing speed setting, so I need to get it replaced.  I had hoped it would speed up my sewing, but until the replacement comes, I'm stuck with my old machine.  The new one is HUGE and so pretty, so I really hope the replacement works right and comes fast!  Once I have one that works, I'll do a post about it, but I need to have a chance to see what it can really do!
(My old machine on the left that was just named "The Machine", and the new giant on the right.  This one is known as "Stormageddon, Dark Lord of ALL," but the next one may just be called Stormy, as long as it works!)

WIP:  (sewing) Slowly working on the Hyacinth bag from the Bag of the Month Club.  I just have the headliner foam left to cut, then onto fusing all the interfacing and finally sewing! Hoping to have time to work on it this weekend, but it's Spring Break, so my minions are restless.

(crochet) I have started the tutus again, need to start using up my stash of tulle and yarn!  I'm going to try to make a few in the larger sizes, but I think I need faster fingers!

UFO: Elsa Lovey got pushed to the side while I try to figure out how to crochet a braid instead of just cutting strands and braiding them like usual.  I'm not sure I have the skills to figure it out myself,so I might have to wait until someone else figures it out.

NIL: (Next In Line) Up next is the March Bag of the Month pattern, Campfire Messenger in Doctor Who fabrics.  I want to make it slightly wider, so I need to really read the pattern and make sure I'm not missing anything that will be modified. 

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