Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WIP/UFO Wednesday - Purses of course!

This week I have a Ramona by Swoon pattern on the sewing table (Yes, it jumped the line, but it is a fast sew!).  It's soooo close to being finished, just needs some topstitching and straps (and hardware for the straps, which is the hold up!)  It's an adorable little purse, and I added a few (or a lot, depends on how you look at it) pockets.  I'm going to try to include a tutorial for the pockets when I finally get some good finished pictures, but here's a (bad lighting) picture teaser to hold you over until that happens!
(Indelible fabric line, with grey glitter vinyl)

Crochet:  I started another lovey, Elsa is still about halfway done with the skirt but I hope to have time to work on her tomorrow.

UFO's - I think I will try to put together all the bows I've embroidered but not glued.  They are escaping from their ziplock holding cell!

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