Monday, March 30, 2015

Embroidery Hoops - Fun in a small package!

I run across tons of amazing designs that I love but have no project in mind for.  Then I saw that 'embroidery hoops are making a comeback' in a few craft books and magazines and while I'm not sure how true that is, they ARE super cute! 

(Fox and bunny watching the moon.  Or as the recipient's husband titled it, "Snack Time")

I decided to make a few for Christmas presents, not exactly fast to make but I could work on other things while they were going and supervise the embroidery machine.  As usual, I forgot to get pictures of all the ones I finished, but here are a few!
(Rose from Urban Threads, the thicker part of the rose is done in iridescent thread and looks really pretty in person.  It only broke every 20 stitches and made me hate my life a little.)
(For my friend that sleeps less than I do and is up all night crafting!)
(For another friend.  How adorable is that sleeping bunny?)

I have tons more I'd love to make, but would anyone actually buy them to hang in their house?  I think I need to pretty up the edges somehow, either paint or more fabric.  Or maybe a use for the washi tape I've been stockpiling for the last several years?  I wonder if modge podge would keep it on since I've noticed some of the washi tape loses sticky after a while...

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