Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Last Day of the Sew Along!

Today is the last chance you have to enter your Pick A Pocket Wallet into the album on FaceBook if you want to be eligible for the drawing.  Tomorrow a random winner will be picked!

If you didn't finish, don't worry, the guide will stay up on Christine's blog and you can always ask for help in the fan group if you get stuck! 

Tula Pink FoxField fabric!
Instead of finishing my second wallet (which is all cut and even partially sewn!) I jumped over to the Bella II pattern, which was just released this week.  It's an updated version of the original pattern, with new pocket features, better instructions (according to Christine, but I never made the last version to verify that...), and revamped pattern pieces.  It's going together nicely; I can't wait to see it finished!
I need a bigger ironing board for this to really work well...
I'm cutting into my Tula Pink FoxField fabric, which has only been in my stash for a few weeks!  That has to be some sort of record for me, it seems like fabric stays in my stash for YEARS if I don't buy it for a specific project with a deadline.  ;) 

I also decided to try out the 'fuse then cut' method for this purse.  I think it would work better if I fused before ANY cutting...My iron is only a little sticky now...I did find a use for the GIANT flour sack towels I got at Sam's club with the intention of turning into embroidered towels until I saw that they were large enough to be a small table cloth--They are great pressing cloths!

I didn't make the deadline for the pattern testing, but I am still going to get this one finished soon!  Need to get moving, with craft season starting I need to build up some inventory...and then get Etsy stocked, too. The embroidery machine needs to be running full time to get the newest patterns stitched out before I forget what I bought!  I need more coffee!! 

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