Wednesday, September 9, 2015

UFO/WIP Wednesday - Not Quite Crunch Time...Yet.

There's still PLENTY of time until Christmas, so I don't need to start gifts yet...or so I keep telling myself!

This week's WIP is the new Bella II purse.  You can find it HERE!  I have it all cut and interfaced, so now it's time for the fun sewing part!  As soon as I can find time...

FoxField fabric is awesome!  And crazy!
Instead of fleece, I'm using the new Flex Foam from Pellon.  They are coming out with a fusible version this month (can't wait!) but until then I need to use up the bolt I bought of the non-fusible stuff.  To mimic the fusible fleece, I actually bought some fusible web and just cut it to the same size as my foam.  It works great for attaching the foam, and it's pretty cheap so I don't feel like I'm doubling my cost.  I will probably end up going for the fusible foam in the long run, just because it's SOO much easier!  I hate cutting, especially interfacing!  It is a little more expensive than the headliner foam, but cheaper than the Soft and Stable (which is also an amazing type of foam)

You can almost see my sewing lines, pretty straight!

I cut the gusset so that both sides will be 'up', and then for added stability decided to interface after I sewed them together. After the gusset had all the layers of interfacing, I sewed 1/8" on either side of my seam for more security, and I think it looks nice!  Too bad this is the bottom of the bag...hopefully I can keep up the nice stitching!

The UFO that I found while organizing my stash corner - a goldfish lovey. He needs eyes, little things around him (starfish, shells, etc) and a border on his bowl. Or I could just sew him together as is...I can't even remember when I started him, but it might have been last year. Probably. 

He is made using some crazy hat yarn that came with a bright orange giant pom pom.  I have no idea what to do with a giant pom pom...


Nora Purse by Swoon, Ethel by Swoon in secret fabric (it's going to KILL me not to be able to share!), dice bags in my awesome new cork, another concealed carry purse in Harry Potter Fabric...then I can go on to random purses I want to make, like a Zelda messenger bag or saddle bag, more Tula Pink purses, a Tula Pink zippered case to hold my new coloring book (when it shows up), some Doctor Who bags.....I should be busy until next year at this time for sure...

Oh and I have to quilt my pretty quilt!  I have the supplies so no excuse now!


  1. I really love your fabrics Rachel....this is going to look AWESOME! :)

    1. Thanks!! I can't wait to finish, it's a great pattern!


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