Thursday, September 3, 2015

September Already!! -- Where Is The Year Going??

Hey guys, did you know that there are only 16 more weekends before Christmas?  That means 16 weekends to work on handmade gifts.  Or if you are like me, wait until December starts, scramble like crazy, and end up with only a few select people getting handmade gifts.  Usually the gifts arrive after Christmas....hey, it's like Christmas lasts longer!

I'm a day late on the WIP post for this week due to a lovely head cold sucking my motivation and energy.  For getting all that sleep, I'm still worn out and tired!

How did everyone do on the UFO challenge for August?   I  And I have another one further along, so I'm going to say it worked to motivate me to pick up something I was procrastinating on!  Anyone up for another UFO challenge?

If you are still working on your Pick a Pocket, you have a few more days! Get them done and shared in the group! I have put my second one on hold for now to finish a few orders that came in as soon as I started thinking I had nothing lined up...

Current WIP:

Fleece shark body pillow needs to be done by Friday night...I finally started sewing last night after conscripting a child to cut out the pattern pieces for me.  The only problem with that, I had no idea which pieces she cut for each part...I think I have it figured out now, hopefully it goes together quickly!

Pattern testing for the Bella Re-release!  I have the pattern pieces cut and the fabric picked out...oops, I am going to blame the cold for dropping the ball since that was supposed to be done tomorrow!  I'll get it done soon tho, the new version is very nice and once I get everything cut and fused, should go together quickly!  The style has been updated, the pattern revamped, and I think everyone that is waiting (im)patiently for it will be excited!

Tula Pink for the Bella Purse

New projects added to my list since last week:

Nora by Swoon purse for an order - using some old Joann's fabric I used on my first quilt (hope I have enough!) and Tula Pink for the lining, with vinyl straps and ends. 

Bonnie Bucket Bag by Swoon with this amazing fabric from Alison Glass:

Concealed Carry purse in Harry Potter fabric with embroidery

So yeah, it looks like I'm going to be busy at least until...2020.  ;) 

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