Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sedimental Quilt Top

Quilting always intimidated me, but every so often I run across a pattern I fall in love with that I decide I need to make.  This pattern is a free one from Tula Pink, called Sedimental.  She recommends her amazing True Colors fabric (which I LOVE) but before I could bite the bullet to buy that much fabric, (and find someone with it in stock), I ran across some fabric bundles on Mass Drop.  The set I ended up using is ALL my favorite colors, so this quilt is going to be mine!  I may have to steal it back from the kids any time I want to use it...and I'm trying to resist buying more of the fabric the next time I see it.
Sorry for the dark picture, it actually shows the colors almost true to life tho!

My favorite colors!
This style of quilt has always caught my eye; it looks super complicated, but once I read the instructions, I realized it wasn't that bad!  Once I cut the strips, decided on my layout, and started sewing, it went pretty fast!  The hardest part was cutting my sewn strips up again!

Trying to decide on the 'rainbow' order

Sewing the strips together, boring but easy!

Don't screw up now! 
The trick is in the end pieces you sew on, varying lengths give you the up and down look.  One thing that you do need to watch is the seam allowances.  The good thing about quilting is that after it is finally quilted and washed, a lot of minor mistakes will be hidden!

Lots of strips waiting to be sewn end to end
One strip ready for the ends!
I just need to find some room and time to baste the quilt, batting and backing together, then I can finally finish it!  Speaking of backing, since this is my very own special quilt, I splurged and got the Tula Pink Free Fall backing!  It's sooooooo soft and pretty!  I'll have extra left over since this is only a one person quilt (well, one and a half since my kids have to help me test blankets), so maybe there will be a purse or wallet in the extra backing...  The only other thing slowing me down is trying to figure out how to quilt it!  This will be my first time using my new machine, Stormy, with his giant throat, so I may be able to try something fancy!  Or I'll chicken out and do in the ditch or 1/4" from the seams...
This is on a full sized couch, to give you an idea of how big it ended up!

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