Wednesday, September 30, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Another Month Flies By

I don't know about you, but I swear it was just the start of September yesterday, and now we are almost to October!  I haven't even started on Halloween costumes -- usually my kids need at least 2 months to finalize their plans, and then I decide if I can buy something decent, or if they pick something obscure, find a pattern I can modify.  We haven't been going as 'all out' for the past few years, so the amount of 3 am sewing has drastically decreased.  Making a costume is in no way cheaper than buying one, and for something that will get worn one night, I'm not going to kill myself to make something amazing.  I do actually enjoy the costume making (until halfway through when I start wondering how crazy I am, but that turns around after it is finished...) but there are some super cute things out there you can buy, and I can spend that time working on other fun stuff, like more purses and embroidery!

Can't go wrong with Back to the Future cross stitch!

With the start of Fall, that also means craft fair season is in full swing!  Time to bust out the crochet hooks and yarn and get new cowls and hats made!  Cool weather also makes me want to bake!  I usually do banana bread at least a few times a month as it is, but cookies, cakes, pies and muffins call to me...Hmm, I've never been able to get my lemon meringue pie to work at high altitudes, but I might almost be ready to try again...soon...

 The current project I've been trying to finish is the newest pattern by ChrisW designs, the Epiphany.  It is a large purse that has several pockets and some neat styling!  I was unable to get my totally finished in time for the release, but look for a post soon with some nicer pics and more comments on the pattern.  The inside pocket is so cool!
pen pocket, gusset pocket, and 2 slip pockets!
Front of the Epiphany
Some of the other random things I've been working on are for Michigeek Designs, some fun and geeky embroidery machine patterns!

Game of Thrones!

A very important message.


WIP Sewing:

Finish the Epiphany
Finish the Bella II (it's sitting on a shelf, looking pretty and filled with the rest of the pieces)
Finish the Doctor Who Pick a Pocket Wallet (Currently in a ziplock so I don't lose those pieces either)

WIP Crochet

Half finished hat done in X-stitch
Half finished shark blanket that is so huge it can't be easily carried for working on anywhere but at home.
Tons more...

NIL projects: 
Nora by Swoon for a co-worker.  Another concealed carry Fandom purse (Harry Potter!) Pearl Wallet in my Mario fabric.  Messenger bag in Zelda fabric. 

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