Wednesday, September 16, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Getting Off Track

I have been really good for the past few months about starting a project and sticking with it until it's finished, until this month.  So far I now have a half finished quilt, a half finished Doctor Who wallet, and now I'm adding the half finished Bella II to my list!  I WILL finish it soon, but I have a special project that has to jump the line and get finished ASAP!  I can't even share any pics of the project, but you will be able to find it at Quilt Market! 

Colors are not quite right...I'll get better pictures when it is finally finished!

Back of the Bella II with zipper pocket
The outside is put together, so it's just the inside that needs completely sewn, and then the straps attached.  My seam ripper, Jack, has been prominent in this purse, first the straps weren't sewing straight, and then the entire front panel was crooked...Good thing it's an ergonomic seam ripper!

Since I can't show the current WIP, here's some pretty fabric I recently picked up... I now have 8 yards of the Mario world fabric that I need to find projects for! 
The scale on the Doctor Who comic panels is MUCH larger than I realized, so it's going to need some larger purses and tote bags!
WIP Crochet:
Still have the shark blanket staring at me (not literally, I'm not to the eyes yet) and judging my lack of progress.  Also a bald princess lovey to finish that keeps losing her head (actually literally since I have found the head on the floor, my sewing table, the ironing board, and once in the kitchen). 

Go back and finish up at least one project, probably the Bella II since it is so pretty and huge.  Then back to orders - A Nora by Swoon bag with vinyl, a Harry Potter Concealed Carry, Alison Glass Bonnie Bucket Bag, pattern testing, and the dice bags in cork.  And then it will be time to rush and make Christmas presents...hmm, need some good ideas for this year's gifts!

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