Thursday, May 25, 2017

Intermission - Pretty Fabric

All that's happening now is packing and more packing.  To keep the blog active, here's some pretty fabric to look at.
 (Imagine some upbeat elevator music playing while you enjoy pictures of fabric...)
Magical Floral Fabric.

Without floral for those that don't like pretty stuff.
Lots of fabric choices so I can make purses, clothes, blankets or cowls!

Minky Game of Thrones.  Why not?
Panels to make epic Legend of Zelda shirts or something else totally cool...
Legend of Zelda leggings?  Background on the eye is actually black...
 I can't wait to get the studio set up so I can dive into this fun fabric.  And all the other amazing stuff I'm finding while I pack.  I think I should start cataloging my fabric...or just sew faster and use it up!

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