Monday, May 1, 2017

Business Time - Magnolia Mini Messenger

It's a good thing I practiced on all those other Magnolia's, (here: 1, 2, 3, 4)now I can almost make them in my sleep!  This was one of my fastest finishes ever, but it was also the plainest purse I've ever made!
The camera picked up on extra lint, I'm going to pretend it's not there.

The request was for 'business' style, which apparently means 'boring'  LOL!  She wouldn't even let me put a fun fabric inside...but at least she liked the finished product, which is a nearly impossible feat with a picky teenager!
Back has a shiny silver zipper because that's what I had on hand.
The good thing about doing a 'boring' purse means that it finished super fast.  Instead of doing all the fussy cutting for fun accent fabrics or working with vinyl for this bag, I simply cut the outside and inside using the lining body piece (one solid piece) and the flap was cut using just the lining flap piece as well.  It did involve a little extra math trying to get the magnetic closure in the right place, but luckily I still have the unclaimed Stormtrooper one that I could measure.
Wrinkles showed up much more in the pictures than in person...I'm pretty sure I ironed it when I finished.

Fabric is Kona cottons in black and grey, and I finally had an excuse to use my black SF101 that I purchased on a whim a few months ago...It was perfect backing for the black fabric and no worries about the white showing through on stitching or holes left over from seam ripping (yes, still had to do some of that even though I have made it several times...)

Inside has another zip pocket, plus 2 slip pockets and a pen pocket.
As I was finishing it, she was checking it out and actually like the 'feature' that was the un-sewn zipper pocket, since it gave her a GIANT inside pocket.  I did end up sewing it shut, but I think she was secretly hoping I'd forget so she'd have a hidden area! ;)  The bag worked 'great' and she never lost her room key, which was even better!

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