Monday, December 4, 2017

Elephant Brandt's Boulevard

Would you believe that I had only a few elephant prints in my stash?  It's true!  I had to search high and low to find any for sale, and then they were either a huge scale or baby prints...but this one is perfect!  And even on purple which was one of her favorite colors! I really love making the Brandt's Boulevard, it comes together so nicely and now that I've made several (maybe 4 or 5? I lost count) I can get them done pretty fast!
Colorful elephants!

The fabric is a Laurel Burch print (I used her crazy cats to make a purse LONG ago for my Mom, one of my earlier ones) and is fun without being too 'kid'.  The inside purple coordinate is one of my favorite colors too, so I'm glad to have a little left over in my stash!

Card slot shot...old giftcards do come in handy!
The only modification I did for this one was to exchange the fleece in the strap for a piece of vinyl to make it a little less 'floppy'.  My machine had no issues sewing through it for the final topstitch, but I didn't sew it into the seam, just inserted it inside after I had already turned the strap right side out.  The tongue lock goes through it and so does the topstitching, so I'm not worried about it shifting around.  I could have done a tiny bit of fabric glue, but given my luck, it would have either soaked through or gotten everywhere....
2 slip pockets and a zip pocket
I think I need to buy stock in Emmaline Bags because I'm totally in love with the rainbow hardware! It's worth it to wait for the shipping from Canada!
Hello rainbow!
Back to the rest of the Christmas orders, I'm only a month behind!  I will get them all out in time, but it's going to be close!  If I don't have to pay for upgraded overnight shipping, I'm counting it as all good!

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