Monday, December 18, 2017

All the Jack - Sydney Messenger Bag

Still one of the most popular bags that I get orders for, the Sydney Messenger Bag by Swoon (affiliated link) was thrown into the lineup for my Christmas rush.  This one wasn't for a present, but it did ship with a wallet that was a gift! 

Christmas rush means rushed pics...someday I'll plan ahead better, or hire a kid as a photographer...they work for cookies!

Back pocket

I have a (small-ish) stockpile of fun Nightmare Before Christmas licensed prints that are quickly getting used up, but this purse we ended up settling on only 7 different prints.  Inspired by the Super Fandom Sydney, this one is pretty crazy but definitely fun!
 I went through all those faces as I made this purse...
Zipper that gave me issues...but is much straighter now!
oops, almost had magnet heads!
underside of the pocket flap, finally got the placements right so they didn't have magnet heads!
This one I did exactly as the pattern calls, except for the flex foam interfacing.  It really gives a good structure to the bag without adding a lot of weight or bulk.  Oh, and I think I added in slip pockets inside.  I've done it so many times that I'm not really sure if that is part of the pattern or not...
Inside slip pockets
Inside zip pocket
Brighter shot of the fabrics

If you were counting, fabric #7 is hidden in here!
I can't wait to see what fun mash-ups I get to make in 2018!

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