Monday, April 3, 2017

Super Fandom Sydney by Swoon

Did you ever get a request that makes you sit back and question your own sanity for agreeing to it?  This purse had the potential to be either amazing or seizure inducing...good thing it turned out awesome!  This is for my friend that loves so many different sci-fi worlds that she couldn't pick just one for her own purse.  I did limit her to only 10 fabrics, and fortunately for me, they even kind of went together with similar color schemes!
It's not TOO crazy looking...

DeadPool pockets!
She picked the Sydney pattern by Swoon (affiliated link) which is one of my most popular lately, and I did it with the extra inch in the gusset and bottom to give it more storage space.  No embroidery this time, but I did finally try out using my custom knit fabrics on a purse!  They are soooo soft to the touch, and with the shape flex 101, they are no longer stretchy!  (Goodbye knit fabric intimidation! Now to find spare time to start using all my fun panels!)
Custom printed stretchy cotton lycra Calvin and Hobbes style Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, regular woven cotton fabric Star Wars back piece.
Fortunately for my sanity, the inside was going to be ALL one fabric, which saved me a little planning time.
Inside slip pockets with pen slot
Exterior fandoms:  Wonder Woman, Star Wars, Deadpool, Game of Thrones (and Calvin and Hobbes), Legend of Zelda, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Sherlock, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Avengers...(Did I miss any??)
More knit fabric - Game of Thrones Map
Back pocket has more DeadPool!

Interior fandom: Pokemon - specifically Eevee.
Pretty blue zipper matches some of the evolutions!
Before I started cutting, I listed out my pieces and what fabric would be used for each one.  I ended up using the same fabric in several spots, so technically she could have picked more...but I might have had a nervous breakdown.  ;)  The good news is that I have enough of every single fabric left to make an entire purse (or very close!) but it felt like I was using up my stash since I had so much pulled out!
Zelda and Link on the inside of the pocket flaps
Did I mention that this wasn't even 1/3 of my character fabrics?  And I only special ordered one swatch of multi-fandom fabric from to get the Hunger Games on it, so all the rest came from my stash!  (I may have a problem...or I'm just planning for the future!)
Even the strap is a fandom!

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  1. This is absolutely AMAZING, what a lucky friend you have!! <3


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