Thursday, April 6, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Another New Month!

I would really appreciate it if time would stop zipping by.  I bet I could get a petition going to slow down time, every mother would sign it so their children would never grow up.  Or maybe not, there are some days when you can't wait for them to move out of the house and only come back to visit...I'm sure that's not just me...
Disney neon characters!  trying to find the perfect vinyl color...

I got in the awesome Disney inspired knit fabric that I need to turn into a purse in a really short time, so I've been scrambling to get it done, no time for petting this fabric, it was in the washer as soon as I got it out of the mail!  Fabric is from The Little Hatcher, and is in retail and pre-order right now! 

Then I went overboard embroidering a ton of new designs I found at Thanks for the Adventure...need to add these to my planned purses box! 
totally adorable baby Moana

Did I mention I used glow in the dark thread?

Sparkly fabric!
Before that came, I had started on the Shih Tzu wallet, but it's been bumped back a few days now...but look how adorable the fabric is!  More Spoonflower fabric!

Current Projects:

  • Ruched Shirt - Going to try this one using some of my less fancy knit fabric, hopefully it is fast and flattering! 
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Sydney purse - Considering it done, just waiting for a strap hardware piece and then 5 minutes of sewing to totally finished!  
  • Shih Tzu wallet - Started cutting!
  • Neon Characters Sandra Purse - Rush turn around for a fabric strike off, need to get it done asap!
  • Moana India hobo bag - Also strike off sample, need to have it done fast as well!

Current Crochet Projects:

  • WeeBee baby doll  -  Tail/bikini left. 
  • Chunky Unicorn Blanket - 4 skeins in, now waiting for more yarn to arrive!
  • Started working on cowls for the fall because they are mindless and fast...but I really should totally finish them, not leave them with tails and button-less...

Next Projects: (orders and using up fabric)

  • Handkerchief Purse
  • Bag of the Month - February and March - going to try to do at least 4 of the patterns before the club ends in June!
  • custom knit leggings - Harry Potter marauder's map (?)
  • Tote bags using my new coffee panels - India Swoon Pattern?
  • Baby quilt - Jungle Path pattern

UFO list:  

Fast finishes (hopefully)

  1. Crayon Rolls - precut and ready to be sewn
  2. Buttons on cowls
  3. Several random crochet hats that need ends woven in/buttons attached
  4. Replace stripped screws on Alice in Wonderland Daryl's Drive still hasn't happened...
  5. Embroidered Fox pillow cover - just needs the back cut and sewn!

 Ready to go, but will take a bit more effort projects:

  1. Doctor Who Pick a Pocket - all the pieces are cut, just needs finished!
  2. Goldfish Lovey - fish is made, bowl is mostly made, needs put together
  3. Dragon Lovey - pieces and the blanket done
  4. Wisteria Wallets - 2 cut and ready to be assembled 
  5. Bella II in Tula Pink Foxfield - outside is done, inside is cut and waiting for me to finish
  6. Sea turtle crochet lovey
  7. Crochet Worgen 
  8. Alice in Wonderland Bonnie 
  9. Tulip pouches - have some cut out (pattern)
  10. Crochet Giraffe photographer  

Want to make - list:

  1. Legendary Quilt pattern pillow
  2. Pokemon quilts with custom fabric
  3. Cork purse (I have a stash I'm afraid to cut, but it's so pretty!)
  4. Shirts for myself using the custom knit (Harry Potter Ugly sweater fabric)
  5. Shirts/pants/leggings for my kids with the custom knits
  6. Purses with the custom knits (need to research the best way to stabilize) 
  7. Embroidered kitchen towels
  8. Peeker hooded towels  
  9. Giant vintage star quilts - Star Wars and Princesses
  10. zip around crayon rolls

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