Monday, April 17, 2017

Dachshund Boon Wallet

I'm definitely going to use every scrap of this fabric!  This time the wallet is a Boon from XOXO by Lauren.  This wallet is still a good size and lots of pockets, but a little faster and less detailed than some of the other ones!

The Dachshunds are too cute on this fabric!  Pairing it with the dark blue glitter vinyl gives the wallet a totally different look from the last one I did!  It really is a square/rectangle shape and the flap matches the sides when finished, but for some reason I can't get a good picture of it flat.  With use, it should stretch out a little and lay a little better (or be more puffy if you stuff it full?)

The only draw back to using a directional fabric is that parts of it end upside down...
Opened up completely - see the sides are straight!
 But that's not as noticeable when it is closed...
See what I did there?
Inside has the card slots, zipper pocket, and 2 longer pockets, so still lots of storage!
9 card slots
inside full glamour shot
This dog is just too chill
I might even have enough to make another wallet with this fabric, if I stretch it with some other fun coordinates!

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