Sunday, April 9, 2017

Ellen's Esplanade Sew Along - It's coming !!

I hope you were a part of the shindig in the ChrisW Designs FaceBook group and took advantage of the discount code to pick up your own copy of the Ellen's Esplanade because we are going to be sewing up that pattern in the next sew along!  (Thanks to Ellen and Judith for letting me borrow their finished pictures!)  We will be starting on the 14th, so pick up your pattern now if you haven't already!
Ellen's Ellen's Esplanade.  (confusing?)

Inside with extra pocket supplement
The good news is that this is a quick pattern...the bad news is that I've never made it, so I'll be learning right along with you.  Good thing there are some with experience in the group so I can pick their brain if I get stuck!  (Huh, so that's why my youngest always starts her sentences with "Good thing..."  I never noticed that I say it a lot!)
Judith's Ellen's Esplanade
To prepare, make sure you have purchased the pattern, and give it a read through!  Start gathering your supplies (in case you need to order something!) and mentally or physically reviewing your fabric options.

The fun outside pockets
This will be a (hopefully) quick sew up, with the sew along lasting just a few weeks! I look forward to everyone joining in on the fun!

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